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New Beginners at John Hamman School of Ballroom Dance

New Beginners

Learn to dance for fun, fitness or that fast approaching wedding by joining one of our popular 7-week Beginner Survival Dance Courses. New Course starts soon! Book Now. Lessons...
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John Hamman School of Ballroom Dance

First Dance

How will you remember your First dance? Are you getting married soon? Have you got more than 2 left feet between both of you? Do you want to feel extra confident about...
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Private Lessons at John Hamman School of Ballroom Dance

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow you to get the most out of your time spent learning. This is the quickest, most effective way to progress in Ballroom and Latin dancing. You (or you and a partner ...
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What our clients say ... 

Merlin Ince

"It is often quite rare to find the combination of an exceptional artist and a meticulous teacher. That is why John has surpassed my expectations during the past two months of individual Latin dance lessons. I have found in him, an inspiring dance role-model and a motivating teacher.

My lessons are always well planned and personally tailored according to what I want to achieve and what John believes I can aspire towards. So while they are always enjoyable, I feel comfortable in the space he provides for me to also extend myself. He is extremely patient and offers the most insightful feedback about my progress. In just two months, I am really excited about I have been able to achieve, having had no previous experience of formal dancing. John’s guidance and example has helped me realise a dream that has waited for far too long."

Storm Morze

When I first went to see him dance and watch him give a lesson I was like “wow, I want to dance like that!” John is so relaxed and unstressed in his manner and is happy to repeat things as often as I need. He is patient so I can relax and enjoy myself while I’m learning. He seems so passionate about what he does…both the teaching and dancing and always seems to be having fun.

In just a short time I have learnt basic moves through repetition and patience. I now have to learn precision and perfecting them. I have developed a much better posture (everyone has noticedJ) and I feel much more confident in myself. I enjoy it so much and my mom says it’s a really good form of exercise for me, but I don’t feel like it’s hard to do because I’m having fun while I’m doing it.

I think Latin dancing is a style of dance you can keep doing for the rest of your life , it doesn’t matter ones age as one will always use it."

Wendy and Daniele

"Daniele and I want to thank you for the dance lessons you gave us for our first dance on our wedding day. Our entire experience with you has been superb and the dance you choreographed for us went down so well with our guests that they are still talking about it as the highlight of our wedding! We felt fantastic, we looked fantastic and best of all….we had FUN! Thank you for teaching us so well. Your talent in selecting dance moves that were right for us, and your ability to switch teaching so quickly from my steps to Daniele’s steps, was impressive and we felt extremely comfortable with you. You always made time for us with our hectic schedules leading up to the wedding and because of you, we want to learn to dance on an on-going basis.

You have the perfect balance of creativity, flair, professionalism and fun. We would highly recommend you to any couple who wants to learn dance."
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